Weight Loss

Non-surgical, Non-invasive Weight Loss
Invisa-RED™ = Safe, Instant Results

FDA Cleared and Clinically Proven for Non-invasive Weight Loss, Cellulite Removal, Body Contouring, and Aesthetics.


Natural, safe, laser-light energy is pulsed and absorbed by the body’s subcutaneous tissue. This stimulates cellular respiration, metabolism, and lymphatic function, causing your body to burn fat for fuel (more than 1500 calories per treatment) and expel waste via sweat, urine, and respiration.

Invisa-RED stimulates the body’s natural metabolism. Muscles in the treatment zone relax, and nerves transmit better. This reinforces healing processes, while the wide-spectrum red light of Invisa-RED stimulates hormones and connective tissue.

The effects on your metabolic process not only reduce fat cells, which sculpts the targeted treatment area but cause a fat-burning metabolic boost. Your body will continue to burn fat at an increased rate for up to 4 hours after treatment, so weight loss is a natural effect of therapy.

In addition to its effects on fat loss, Invisa-RED stimulates collagen production, which helps reduce wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks.

Non-invasive systems use two general approaches: heating or cooling fat cells. Once the temperature of the targeted tissue is sufficiently altered, your body perceives the cells as damaged and starts disposing of them.

Invisa-RED uses warming action, but unlike other systems that use either radio frequency or laser energy, Invisa-RED uses a combination of infrared and near-infrared light. There’s a reason it feels so good to sit in the sun, and many of those same health benefits are also derived from Invisa-RED treatments, but without the sun’s harmful UV rays!

During clinical trials, patients saw an average of four and a half pounds of fat loss over the course of nine short treatments without the assistance of diet or exercise.

Below are the average results from a double-blind clinical trial conducted by Invisa-RED:

  • Body Fat % Lost: 1.77%
  • Pounds of Body Fat Lost: 4.53 lbs.
  • Pounds of Fat Lost per week: 1.51 lbs.
  • Fat Energy Metabolized per treatment: 1,761.66 calories
  • Inches Lost: 10.16 in.
  • Success Rate: 100%
  • Adverse Reactions: 0

What To Expect:

Getting your Invisa-RED treatment is painless and restful. You will relax for 15 minutes on a comfortable table in a treatment room with calming music. We encourage patients to take this time for themselves without the distractions of the modern world. This allows you to reduce your stress and your weight at the same time.


Invisa-RED FAQs

How Is Invisa-Red Different From Traditional Red-Light Therapy? Regular lipo lasers or “red light therapy” only utilize one of these wavelengths, which only penetrates the top layers of skin. This is helpful for fine wrinkles but does not influence cellulite, stretch marks, or fat layers. Invisa-RED includes extended wavelengths which provide additional, deeper, and longer-lasting benefits. This technology is unique due to its dual coherent laser wavelengths that allow the light to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous (fatty) layers.

Will there be any downtime? No, there is no downtime or lifestyle adjustments needed after sessions. The treatments are non-surgical, non-invasive, and pleasant. Sessions are very relaxing, and studies show the effectiveness of Invisa-RED in weight reduction without any of the adverse reactions or side effects associated with more aggressive procedures like liposuction or surgery.

Contact us at Siegal Chiropractic if you have questions or would like to discuss an invisi-RED treatment program here at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic. A consultation will give you a better idea of how many treatment sessions you will need for your specific health goals, and how to maximize your results. There is no cost for the consultation and I invite you to try a free demo treatment where patients typically see a 1-3 inch reduction in 15 minutes.

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